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Aug 6, 2018 at 7:38 PM
Posted by superkeegan9100
From the pyramids of Egypt to the surface of the Moon, the DaVincibles are always looking for an adventure! The DaVincibles is a zany cartoon character comedy series packed with funny and absurd characters in search of wild, slapstick action. Pablo DaVinci and Zoe DaVinci have a serious sibling rivalry as they travel the world with their hilariously inept but loveable Uncle Leo to find artifacts to sell at his antique shop. The Society of Very Bad Villains (SVBV) and their leader Quba, the Picasso-faced worst artist in the world, must get the curious family of explorers out of their way in order for their evil plans to succeed. Even though the DaVinci’s frequently cross paths with them throughout their world travels, they stay invincible and keep the SVBV from obtaining world domination!
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