Street Fighter III Third Strike: Jazzy NYC '99 Jazz Arrangement || insaneintherainmusic

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Feb 4, 2019 at 8:37 AM
Posted by JoeMabbon
How do you take a song that's JAZZY and turn it into JAZZ? Just watch the video. Insaneintherainmusic's jazz cover / remix of "Jazzy NYC '99" (Alex's / Ken's theme) from Street Fighter III Third Strike!

It took me way too long to get hipped to how awesome this song is. I had seen this song in the request sheet a year or so ago, and I remember digging the tune, but never moving forward on an actual arrangement of it. Flash forward to MAGFest 2018, and the Super Soul Bros present me their arrangement of Jazzy NYC 99 for our collaborative set! I had to memorize the entire chart for our performance, and that got the chart stuck in my head. At that point… I knew an arrangement was bound to happen.

To prepare myself for playing this arrangement on drums, I actually did my first ever drum transcription of Larnell Lewis’ groove on “What About Me?” from Snarky Puppy’s album “We Like it Here”. I’ve loved that tune for so long, and getting to analyze and appreciate it from a whole new perspective was a great experience. That’s one of the best parts of transcribing a part intended for something other than your primary instrument - it provides you with an additional perspective and increased deep understanding of the song! A lot of the drum work in this arrangement was heavily influenced by Larnell’s playing, and I really feel I’m growing as a drummer as a result!

Another interesting thing about this arrangement - I played two keyboards at once here! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my keyboard stand mount that screws into my base keyboard stand, so I had to use two keyboards side-by-side. The main keyboard (the CASIO) was controlling the rhodes sound throughout the arrangement via MIDI, and I was switching between synth brass, synth strings, and orchestra hits on the additional MIDI keyboard! That was a challenge to get set up, but I think it adds quite a bit to the visual element of this arrangement.

♫ "Jazzy NYC 99" from "Street Fighter III: Third Strike" composed by Hideki Okugawa
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