Sonic Mania: Studiopolis Zone (Act 1) Jazz Cover (feat. The8BitDrummer)

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Apr 2, 2019 at 8:00 AM
Posted by JoeMabbon
Lights, camera, FUNKY SAX AND DRUM ACTION! Insaneintherainmusic's video game jazz saxophone cover of Studiopolis Zone from Sonic Mania featuring The8BitDrummer.

I played Sonic Mania right when it came out, and it was such a breath of fresh air for me to play some classic 2D Sonic again. I had mostly played the 3D Sonic games up until that point, and after playing through most of Mania, I went back to Sonic 1 and 2 to see what I had been missing out on! Sonic Mania delivered for me on so many levels - boppin’ music and such engaging levels to play!

Studiopolis Zone gripped me from day one. The tune definitely made me want to groove when I first heard it, and the keyboard solo blew my mind when I first heard it. For me, the most impressive part of this tune is the bridge, which has just the right amount of harmonic complexity to really get my harmonic senses tingling - it was tough to transcribe this!

Recently recommended to me by Charlie Rosen of The8BitBigBand, I recently read through Don Sebesky’s “The Contemporary Arranger", which really brought a lot of new arranging concepts to me. One of these was "economy", meaning that every instrument and part played should serve a significant purpose in the context of the entire piece. I really tried to apply this arranging philosophy to this arrangement, only really deviating from the original in ways that I thought were necessary and would make significant improvement! I'm a big fan of the original style that Studiopolis Zone Act 1 took, so I strove to keep it similar while turning up the funk a couple of notches.

It was fantastic getting to work with Jerod on this project! Jerod has some of the best screen presence of any person I know. If you've caught any of his drum improv livestreams, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. He's a wonderful dude, and really brought his trademark energy to this song! Thanks a bunch.

♫ “Studiopolis Zone" from “Sonic Mania" composed by Tee Lopes
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