Sonic 3: Ice Cap Zone Jazz Arrangement || insaneintherainmusic (ft. TonalRumblePak)

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Feb 23, 2019 at 10:23 AM
Posted by JoeMabbon
More cool tunes? I’m down. Hope this one doesn’t make your computer freeze! (Bad puns have returned, folks). Insaneintherainmusic's jazz cover / remix of Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3, featuring TonalRumblePak!

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I believe that video game music is a hugely important part of many of our lives. To pay tribute to these fantastic compositions and their composers, I arrange their compositions in various jazz styles! I release video game jazz arrangements on this channel every other Saturday at 12:30 PM EST!

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I’m so happy will all the Sonic arrangements that have been uploaded to the channel this past year, and this one is no exception! I’ve always wanted to arrange Ice Cap Zone, but I was always intimidated by how short and simple the song is! The loop is not very long, and there are only about 4 chords in the tune. To expand this song into my usual 5+ minute arrangement style… I took some pretty big liberties here!

As of writing this description, I’m currently in my third semester at Berklee, and I’m taking a course in Reharmonization Techniques! Reharmonization was exactly what this song needed, especially since Ice Cap Zone is so repetitive. By changing up the melody a little bit and adding some new harmonies, I think the song has much more of a logical progression. I’m especially happy with the bridge, which is loosely based around placing the melody over the IV chord instead of the I chord!

I want to say that this arrangement is particularly influenced by a certain song that I’ve heard before…. but I honestly can’t pin down any particular song! Listening to a ton of music is very important for arrangers and musicians, as it expands your musical palette. This track is definitely inspired by some Snarky Puppy stuff, but I don’t think it sounds particularly like any single one of their tracks.

TonalRumblePak was a second place winner of the insaneintherainmusic Jazz Challenge 2, and when he asked me to participate on one of his arrangements, I thought it’d be fitting if I had him on one of mine as well! I was very impressed with his trumpet playing from his submission to the jazz challenge, and his trumpet playing is a welcome addition to the channel! I know a lot of you want me to incorporate brass more into my videos… so this is a step in the right direction!

♫ “Ice Cap Zone" from “Sonic 3" composed by SEGA Sound Team
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