Season 1 Trailer | HARVEY STREET KIDS

It looks like Kristi Reed is the voice director.
The animation is reminiscent to Dawn of the Croods and the Trolls series. I guess it's that NE4U studio they usually use that's an alternative from the other studios using Rough Draft/Saerom a lot.
@superkeegan9100 I hope so. Otherwise, I'll stick with what I'm used to for SoL (not saying examples, though; I just know what I like over this right now.).
Who knows, maybe it'll be different. We won't know for sure until it premieres.
I don't blame anyone hoping for a trailer to Voltron S6 and/or HTTYD3 over this, honestly. This really feels like some "Boys vs. Girls" nonsense, at first glance. I really thought we we're over such trash... This show is already not looking all that promising knowing this, IMHO.
Only thing I don't like is the gender stereotypes, particularly with the boys; maybe it's too early to judge but I'm sensing the cliché "Boys vs Girls" trope.


Jun 1, 2018 at 10:12 PM
Posted by superkeegan9100
On Harvey Street, everyday feels like best Saturday ever; with never-ending games, a 42-flavor ice cream truck, and the greatest climbing tree in town! Thanks to BFFs Audrey, Lotta, and Dot, Harvey Street is the best place to never grow up. The new DreamWorks series Harvey Street Kids comes to Netflix June 29!
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