Garfield Meets a Ghost - Garfield & Friends

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Aug 7, 2018 at 6:55 PM
A ghost takes over Jon's house

Clip from season 5 episode 15.

Break out the birthday lasagna cake -- Garfield turns 40 in 2018! Grab a slice and brighten up those dreadful Mondays with a brand new video every week!

“Garfield and Friends," is the classic half-hour animated series starring the world's most lovable feline, and his charming sidekicks Odie, Jon, and Nermal! Garfield is the quick witted cat best known for his love of naps, lasagna, and his capacity to drive everyone around him bonkers.

Curl up and join the timeless team of “Garfield and Friends” as they routinely manage to gum up everyday events, turning them into adventures! Subscribe to the official “Garfield and Friends” YouTube channel now!

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