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Mar 12, 2019 at 8:52 PM
Posted by JoeMabbon
Winter is fast approaching, so it only seemed appropriate to arrange this winter video game classic! Insaneintherainmusic's jazz cover / remix of Snowman from Earthbound.

I believe that video game music is a hugely important part of many of our lives. To pay tribute to these fantastic compositions and their composers, I arrange their compositions in various jazz styles! I release video game jazz arrangements on this channel every other Saturday at 12:30 PM EST!

I've been asked to arrange this song many many times over the few years I've been on YouTube, and I've actually managed to sneak it in to a few of my other creations! You might have picked up on my Snowman reference in my sax solo back in my Eterna Forest video, or you may remember it from my scrapped Video Game winter medley that I posted on Soundcloud a while back. However, I've finally gotten a real full version for you guys!

I haven't played through the entirety of Earthbound, but from what I have played it of it, I'm starting to understand why this game is the cult classic that it is. There's so much personality oozing from the music and characters that it makes a lasting impression on the player! I would love to finish the game when I get a chance.

Some folks of you from the community tab (hello if you're reading this!) asked for a bit more detail in my writeups about these songs, so I'll do my best to provide! Snowman is originally a peaceful 6/8 ballad, and shifting it to 6/4 was more of a change notationally than anything else - the tune retains the same essential groove. A lot of the two-part writing here was influenced by that of Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band (I actually got to see them live recently!) as well as the Yellowjackets from their Rise in the Road album. I worked on applying some of the techniques I've been learning in my Counterpoint class at Berklee to make the two harmony parts really sound independent. I added some chorus to the bass part for the first time in one of my videps, which is very reminiscent of Jaco Pastorius' amazing bass tone. The chorus really livens up the sound a bit, and maybe it'll make you guys hear the bass part better, haha! The solo trading was a lot of fun to record, although there were a few intonation issues on the alto that I had to fix post-production. Overall, very happy with this arrangement, and I'm glad I continue to be happy with the arrangements that I'm putting out :) Hope you guys are too!

♫ "Snowman" from "Earthbound" composed by Hirokazu Tanaka
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