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Heh, love that "Great Mouse Detective" reference!
@superkeegan9100 Are you referring to some other member? This is LITERALLY the first video of this type I've posted to this site.

Also, take a chill pill. You're getting way too mad over this.
I demand you stop posting these kinds of videos at once. We get it, you hate Disney and their endless acquisitions. There's literally no need to shove it down our faces with the videos you post that are literally the first things you see when you go on the forums.


Jun 28, 2020 at 1:20 AM
Posted by Daikun
Disney owns theme parks, Marvel, Fox, Star Wars, ABC, ESPN, and Hulu... but it's never enough for the Mouse House! Join Mickey and the gang as they explain the business of the Disney empire and just what the heck an Entertainment Oligopoly is as only Disney can... as a catchy Sing-A-Long musical!

Created & Directed by Tin Can Bros (https://youtube.com/tincanbros)
Written by Kaley McMahon (https://kaleymcmahon.com)
Music by AJ Holmes (https://twitter.com/ajholmesmusic)
Produced & Orchestrated by Andrew Fox (http://www.andrewfoxmusic.com)
Garbage Musicals Theme Song by Clark Baxtresser (https://instagram.com/claark)
Bob Iger - AJ Holmes (https://instagram.com/a.j.holmes)
Mickey - Jama McMahon
Kaa - Carlos Valdes (https://twitter.com/Tha_Los)
Additional Voices - Kaley McMahon
Animated by Platanoz Studios

#DisneyPlus #Disney #Musical
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