Dead Cells: The Bad Seed - Animated Trailer

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Feb 19, 2020 at 8:56 AM
Posted by Gatordragon
Dead Cells' latest DLC, The Bad Seed is out right now! In this installment of our animated trailer series you'll find our beloved (anti)hero fighting off a bunch of ferocious fungal beasts in The Arboretum... Well that or ruthlessly slaughtering the innocent, but history is written by the winners right?

We hope you enjoy the trailer as much as the new content! Get it now on:
Nintendo Switch:

Want the music ? Find it on Youtube here and download it on Valmont's bandcamp:

Director : Mehdi Leffad
Script : Rachid Baha, Balak, Mehdi Leffad
Storyboard : Mehdi Leffad
Backgrounds : Georges Bouchelaghem, Niccolo Piccelo, Romy Yao
Layout Posing : Mehdi Leffad
Animation : Clément Kubicek, Juanma Laguna, Mehdi Leffad
FX : Juanma Laguna
Compositing : Grégoire Peyrot
Production : Bobby Prod
Producer : David Alric
Production Manager : Jérémie Bonnouvrier

- Twitter : @bobbyprod_off

- Facebook : @BobbyProdAnimation

- Instagram : @bobbyprod
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