Bakugan Battle Planet | Beyond the Brawl | Episode 10 | Gym Socks of Doom

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Feb 5, 2019 at 9:21 PM
Posted by Takao
In Beyond the Brawl, Gym Socks of Doom, Drago enjoys the sweet smell of victory while Nillious and Serpenteze get a whiff of stinky de(feet).

Battling for the fate of two worlds can be exhausting! So, when Dan, Wynton, Lia, Magnus, and the others aren’t around, Bakugan still hang out and brawl, but the stakes aren’t as… extreme. Watch all-new Beyond the Brawl webisodes to see what your favorite Bakugan characters are like “off-camera”.

Featuring an action-packed animated series with epic brawls, awesome Heroes, and nasty villains, Bakugan: Battle Planet is better than ever before! PLUS, there are now more ways to play! Get ready for an all-new battling toy line featuring amazing transformations and fast and fierce brawls! PLUS, the all-new, strategy-based trading card game lets players experience what it’s actually like to be one of the brawlers! Out roll, out think, and over power you opponents to become the Ultimate Bakugan Brawler!

Get ready, Brawlers, because Bakugan: Battle Planet is coming to a home near you!

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