11 Fresh Nicktoons, 1 Rotten Review Series: Dissecting the Worst of Mr. Enter's Nick-O-Rama

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May 9, 2020 at 1:04 AM
Posted by Daikun

Lemme cut to the chase right quick, I'm of the strong opinion that Mr. Enter did some of these cartoons dirty and for some ungodly reason, me and my friends were down to dig into his reviews for over 2 hours. This is probably closest to a response/commentary hybrid, but I made it mainly for me to vent on the off chance that I may partake in this dude's content again. We started working on this pretty much the day after Nick-o-Rama ended, so make sure to check out some of these cartoons if we made a good case for them.

P.S. Sorry you had to listen to the halfway segment in all its infinite lack of glory; you'll know what I'm talking about once the white noise intensifies. Actually, I'm sorry about all the shoddy audio wherein applicable.

Thanks to the collaborators!
DeAngelo Edwards of HatsOffMedia
Benzie Johnson Jr.
Mr. Nostalgia
Mann of a Thousand Thoughts
and Veridis Joe

Feel free to holler at any of us w/ any questions, comments, concerns, critiques, corrections, etc. We weren't always at out most formal here; we laughed, we cried, we roasted, and we got pretty heated, but our first and foremost goal was to be fair to these shows and reviews. Part of why people are dissatisfied with this thing was because its curator killed a lot of potential conversations, intentionally or otherwise. We're not perfect but I want to try to keep it going within my means.

Special thanks to:
Mann for the special narration
Kash & Benzie for helping w/ preliminary thumbnail designs
DeAngelo for rendering this beast
and Kylie/BovineBonita for beta reading the script

I also wanted to drop a link to this rebuttal to the El Tigre review since I gave a verbal shoutout in the video at large:
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