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Mar 21, 2019 at 3:16 PM
Posted by NeoplanDan
SNOW DAY! ❄️Check out this paw-some #101DalmatianStreet #SneakPeek from episode 4b 'Snow Day'! It's snowing in Camden Town and the pups are getting ready to go out and play in the snow...but it might take a while #DisneyChannelUK

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101 Dalmatian Street

With 101 Dalmatians (and counting) there’s never a quiet moment at the paw-some 101 Dalmatian Street in Camden Town! Whilst Mum and Dad are at work, siblings Dylan and Dolly have their paws full looking after their 97 cheeky brothers and sisters as they have no human owner ! But like most siblings, this pair don’t always see things the same… Dylan and Dolly take care of everything from bath time , to dinner time - but luckily crafty Dylan has invented gadgets to help with the chores - even though they don’t always work out the way he’d hoped... ! Follow the furriest, messiest, BIGGEST canine family around as they get up to mischief, cause chaos but are always there for each other 100% of the time...well, 101%!

The Paw-some Pups:

Dylan (Josh Brener) is a super smart pup with a big imagination! He creates all kinds of inventions to help with the cleaning and cooking but most importantly help with the playing ! He’s invented scratching machines, teeth brusher’s and even a pups feeding gadget! Dylan likes to play safe and stick to the rules, a little different to his sister...

Dolly (Michaela Dietz) is a daring pup who LOVES being adventurous and having wags of fun ! Being highly competitive means that Dolly never says no to a challenge, even if it means getting into a spot of trouble! She loves being around her friends and family but can be a little over paw-tective when it comes to her younger siblings. Even though Dolly likes the chaos, she sometimes has to agree with Dylan and set some rules…

Mum Delilah (Ella Kenion) is Momma Pup and is in charge of the house! She works as a medical specialist and loves her job but loves her 99 pups more ! She lets Dylan and Dolly look after the house whilst she’s away at work which can sometimes be a disaster! But no matter how much she enjoys working, she’s never too busy for her pups at home! ✨

Dad Doug (Rhashan Stone) works nights in the Fire and Rescue Department which means he has to sleep all day! He is caring and LOVES his pups and the chaos of his home! He treats all of his 99 pups equally and there’s always more than enough kisses and cuddles to go around

Dizzy and Dee Dee are two cheeky pups! These two will follow Dolly anywhere... even into trouble! They are super sweet and always have the best intentions, but sometimes their good intentions get them into sticky situations!

Dawkins is Dylan’s inventor sidekick and loves creating gadgets just as much as Dylan does! Dawkins doesn’t show too much emotion but he LOVES his space doll Princess Positron - so don’t mess with the doll! Dylan and Dolly sometimes dash off and leave Dawkins in charge as he’s the most sensible of the 97 pups!

Diesel LOVES digging! He is a mucky pup with a love for mud and getting up to mischief He may not be the smartest pup, but Diesel has an amazing sense of smell which he can use to help get the pups out of trouble!

Dorothy is the cutest and youngest pup of all - so young she hasn’t even got her spots yet ! Dylan is very protective of his younger sister Dorothy which is so sweet! But watch out, Dorothy can’t help chewing things - toys, furniture and even tails!
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