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Flight Week in GTA Online: Double Rewards on Smuggler’s Sell Missions, Stockpile, Top Fun and More


It’s Flight Week in GTA Online. From now until March 13, 2019, players can earn Double GTA$ & RP on Stockpile, Top Fun, Air Force Zero and G-Rating, as well as Double GTA$ on all Smuggler’s Cargo Sales, collect a pair of rare in-game tees and take advantage of a squadron of discounts on assorted aircraft, Hangars, and Hangar amenities.

Stockpile: 2-4 teams take to the skies to grab as much loot as they can and then bring it back to base. Whoever has the biggest haul at the close of business wins, with the added twist that your rivals can always steal your stash.

Top Fun: A team of fighter jets must eliminate a team of runners in ground vehicles carrying precious cargo before they reach their destination. Anyone who goes down, won’t get back up.

Air Force Zero:  A team of Defenders must protect Air Force Zero, while a team of Attackers have to take it down.

G-Rating: Players compete in planes to collect all 15 flags across 10 different locations above Southern San Andreas & Blaine County. In G-Rating Cold, weapons are disabled for all pilots. In G-Rating Hot, weapons are live. In this classic GTA Online Versus Mission you can choose your play style and bring home double rewards.

For this week, the rare Blue & Red Class of ’98 Tees are back in GTA Online.

Here are some of the discounts on Hangars and various aerial vehicles:

  • Hangars – 50% off
  • Hangar Renovations – 50% off
  • Hangar Workshop – 50% off
  • B-11 Strikeforce – 40% off
  • Blimp – 40% off
  • P-996 Lazer – 40% off
  • Mammoth Hydra – 40% off
  • RM-10 Bombushka – 40% off

Adding 2-Step Verification to your Social Club account provides an additional layer of security to help you protect your account from unwanted access. Everyone that adds, or has added, 2-Step Verification to their Social Club account will receive:

  • GTA$500,000 in your GTA Online account
  • 10 Gold Bars in your Red Dead Online Beta account
  • Additional future benefits in both GTA Online and the Red Dead Online Beta

For more information on all the latest GTA Online bonuses, head to the Social Club Events page.