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FLCL Returns! The First Footage Ever


FLCL is returning to Earth and nothing can stop it! Last year Adult Swim revealed they were working with Production I.G. to produce a new season of Fooly Cooly, and last night during Anime Expo, the first snips of footage were revealed!

We also now know a bit more information about the series itself. The 12-episode order has been divided into two separate 6-episode seasons. The Pillows will return to provide the rockin’ music score, and Studio Bones will also be involved with the animation (but not Gainax, who animated the original).

This next bit of news may be a disappointment to some of you, but the only character returning from Season One is Haruko. She will be making life chaotic for a new cast of characters, one of which character designer Chikashi Kubota posted a sketch to her Twitter account:

In Japan the two seasons will be released as two movies. They got a different trailer. The new footage is the same, but it begins a little differently with flashbacks to the original series.

FLCL Season Two and Three will premiere on Toonami sometime in 2018.