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Five Years After Launch, The Nintendo Switch Gets Folders

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Nintendo is as well-known for their high-quality games as they are for their inscrutable behavior. They’ll give you some of the finest video gaming experiences in the known universe, but rarely bow to consumers’ demands, instead telling their fanbase what Nintendo wants is what they’ll get and ending the debate there. As long as you’re in their territory, you have to abide by THEIR rules — which often make no sense and change without warning.

This evening, Nintendo added the ability to organize your games into folders to the menu system. We have no idea why it wasn’t there from the beginning. The Wii and the 3DS received such a feature well before the Switch did. It could have happened at any time. But it happened five years into the lifespan.

Insert shrug emoji here.

The horizontally scrolling main menu of the Switch has space for up to twelve squares representing your games. Anything beyond that spills over into one page called “My Games.” Until literally a few hours ago, the only way to search for something specific was to bring up that massive sea and hunt for it with your eyes. You could rearrange the titles in alphabetical order or by playtime, but options were limited.

Now, on Version 14.0, going to the All Software screen will reveal the option to hit the left shoulder button for “Groups.” Select the squares you want to include in each group, arrange them in the preferred order, give the group a name, and WHAM-O — they’re instantly pre-sorted and easier to find. They are not, however, accessible from the main page (guess that was too much of an ask). The next time you go to All Software, pushing L again will bring up your groups.

If you boot up your Switch and the folder option isn’t there, go to System Settings and hit “System Update.” You’ll have the ability in about two minutes.