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First Teaser For Season 2 Of Solar Opposites

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The success of Rick And Morty has gifted co-creator Justin Roiland a free pass to pursue any other project as he wants. So far they seem to be very similar to the show that launched his career. Hulu’s Solar Opposites is the second Roiland cartoon, and just like the first one, it’s a dark sci-fi tale full of violence, gross-out gags and Roiland swearing drunkenly into a microphone.

Season 2 hits next March — Hulu announced the date this week. Just like last time, you get eight episodes to messily chew on. We don’t know what order they’re intended in (and Hulu doesn’t know either) but here they are; go ahead and speculate what they are about:

The Sacred Non-Repeating Number
The Earth Eraser
Lake House Device
The Solar Opposites Almost Get an Xbox
The Rad Awesome Terrific Ray
The Apple Pencil Pro
The Unlikely Demise of Terry’s Favorite Shot Glass
The Emergency Urbanizer

Here’s the 45-second teaser for Season 2. After much work the Shlorpians have finally repaired their ship and, assuming it functions longer than ten seconds, can return to their planet of origin…but yeah right, then we’d have no show. This should go without saying but if you’re somehow at work right now, either discreetly pull out the headphones you weren’t supposed to bring in or mute the entire thing.

The only other clip of Solar Opposites Season 2 that’s out there is an animatic that was released during the last San Diego Comic-Con. It’s the opener to an episode where Korvo and Terry discover what summer break is, then the whole family debates whether or not they should kill each other, then they head to summer camp. You know, the usual. The audio is somewhat more safe for work than the teaser is but it still has the potential to make your co-workers give you weird looks.

Solar Opposites returns to Earth on March 26. Warn your neighbors!