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Our First Peek-a At The Detective Pikachu Movie

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We know the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie won’t be the typical fare Pokemon movies generally are, but just how different will it be? We got a hint today when pictures were leaked from the set…what do they suggest?

Detective Pikachu is currently under production, based on a spinoff game in the Pokemon series that depicts a gruff-talking Pikachu in a detective hat. We already posted the trailer for the game (confirmed to be undergoing localization), but it’s a gruff talking Pikachu in a detective hat, so we feel we must post it again:

Ain’t it grand? Ryan Reynolds is voicing Pikachu in the upcoming movie, which we now know takes place in a location called Ryme City. And we know this because someone found the police set in London, took a few quick pics of some props, and threw the discovery on Twitter.

In Ryme City, humans and Pokemon work together to solve crimes. Perhaps more of them talk than just Pikachu? The set doesn’t give any hints as of yet.

There’s no rollerblading allowed at the Ryme City police district.

For the nearsighted, those are Graveler, Machoke and Pancham on the Missing posters.

Some Ryme City police cars covered up by tarps.

We’re used to Pokemon movies appearing more colorful than this, but these are naked shots from the set with no special lighting or digital enhancements. We’re sure some touch-ups are inevitable given that the star is a CG creature.

The Detective Pikachu movie is set to open May 10, 2019.

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