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First Nintendo NX Game Announced: Dragon Quest XI

dragon quest xi

Everyone was expecting Dragon Quest XI to be revealed today during Square Enix’s livestream. What nobody expected was for them to announce an NX game — and not only that, but to show footage.

The presentation, embedded below in Japanese, runs at an hour and forty minutes. Dragon Quest XI is revealed an hour into the video; gameplay footage is shown an hour and ten minutes in.


Nintendo’s next console, codenamed the NX, is currently the most top-secret project underway at the company. It’s highly rumored to have a holiday 2016 release date, and mounting evidence seems to point to it, but nothing can truly be confirmed for certain. We also don’t know what kind of new gimmicks Nintendo is going to attach to the thing (you know there’ll be some). All we know is that we’re getting the next Dragon Quest game on it.

We’re getting two Dragon Quest games, in fact. Dragon Quest X will also be ported to the unrevealed system. Famitsu released a few screens, which you can see above and below. Dragon Quest XI will also be coming out for the Playstation 4 and the 3DS.

dragon quest xi

dragon quest xi

Square did not reveal a release date during the event, unfortunately. That would have sealed the NX’s release date for sure. ….Actually, that’s probably why.

UPDATE: A Square-Enix rep has since altered the company’s statement, sending notes to the media that the NX version of Dragon Quest XI is “under consideration.”

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