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Here Is Your First Look At Star Wars Land For Disneyland


Ever since the Thunder Ranch BBQ mysteriously disappeared from Disneyland, regular non-Disneyphile people have been wondering what was going to happen with that unused space. Rumors immediately began circulating and then, it was announced that the area was going to be the new residence of a new Star Wars-themed land in Anaheim [as well as the Disney World theme park in Orlando].

Three months ago, Disney starting moving away the last vestiges of the former Thunder Ranch BBQ and making way for the Millennium Falcon, Death Star and a whole bunch of other stuff that we know they will cram in that space because they released an artist’s rendering of what it will sorta look like on their official blog.

The official blog uses all sorts of flowery language like “Nestled between towering spires of rock, this thriving port contains a seemingly familiar architecture of markets, landing zones and building” and “Look closely and you may find hints of some of the thrilling experiences that are coming – like the Millennium Falcon peeking out of one of the cargo bays, marking the location where guests will get the opportunity to pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy,” while most of the potential Disneyland-going public is too busy drooling to speak their words of joy.

While an opening date has not officially been announced, late 2017 or early 2018 is the expected time frame to coincide with the currently scheduled release date of the next episode in the Star Wars film franchise in December 2017.