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First Look At Final Space Season 3

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It’s been a long time since an original episode of Final Space aired on Adult Swim. Whether the delay was due to COVID or something else, the crew won’t say, but it looks like Season 3 is in a completed enough stage at this point to begin running trailers. Our first real look at the new season appeared exclusively on Comicbook.com this afternoon. Our apologies if this auto-plays. Since this was not a YouTube upload we have to play by Comicbook.com’s server rules. Also, we can’t do anything about the size of it so…hit the “expand” icon.

The trailer appeared alongside a chat with series creator Olan Rogers, who explained how the upcoming season would be different from the previous two. While everything so far has been an effort just to get to the Final Space mentioned in the title, the main quest now will be just to survive in it. From the brief flashes we see in the trailer of gigantic monsters, characters struggling against each other and giant space explosions, Team Gary will have more on their plate than ever before. It promises to be more epic than Season 2, which was basically a fetch quest (I liked Season 2, but fetch quest seasons are among my least favorite TV tropes).

Originally conceived for TBS, where it was an awkward fit, Final Space ran repeats of Season One on Adult Swim where its more serious tone and attempts to tell a space epic with some weight made it stand out among the channel’s much goofier offerings. Season 2 had its episodes premiere on Adult Swim and now it looks like Season 3 won’t appear on TBS at all.

Rogers also says the arc for Final Space is intended to be six seasons long, so…production-wise, we’re halfway there. When it’ll appear on Adult Swim is anyone’s guess, but we doubt the wait will be much longer. As promised at the end of the trailer, Final Space Season 3 will definitely be on Adult Swim in 2021.