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First Impressions of Otakon 2012


It’s hot. Holy cow it is HOT! Even by our summer standards, it’s hot out and in here. Add in the overflow level crowds already and, well, it’s Otakon. I suppose expecting something else would be naive and heaven knows I haven’t been naive in 15 years, but still, this weather was supposed to have broken by today. Instead, it’s gonna break on Sunday. *sigh* And of course as a result of said weather and crowds and the occasional person who hasn’t bathed recently, there’s a but of con funk already in the air. Usually that doesn’t happen till a bit later in the day. Oh well, not much to be done about it. Also per normal, the costuming is fabulous, if occasionally a bit befuddling. There’s a group of gentlemen walking around in suits and horse masks. Can anyone explain that to me?…Anyone?…Buller?….Buller? Certainly lots of anime costumes as well, some I recognize some I don’t. Hey, it happens when your interests drift a bit.

Later on will certainly be even more interesting, and crowded, when the baseball crowd rolls in. First time in 4 years that the O’s have been here at the same time as Otakon, so that also means the first time in 4 years that we will get a fireworks show with the Con. The crowding, not so good, especially when some fans over do it on Natty Boh. The fireworks, very good! So I suppose it evens out in the end. Tomorrow, well, we get the Con, a baseball game and a soccer game at the football stadium. That will be….something to see. And I hope you, dear reader, will be along with me to see it.