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First Episode Titles For Attack On Titan Season 4 Revealed

Attack on Titan Eren vs. Colossal Titan

The end of beloved shows is always something hard to deal with if you’re a fan of the franchise. And for anime fans, they’re going to be getting those feelings of departure as Attack On Titan Season 4 arrives soon with the final episodes of the series. This franchise has been one of the catalysts of the “anime boom” in recent years that has seen people loving anime on a level not seen since the early days of Dragon Ball. As such, everything fans can learn before the arrival of Season 4 is welcome news.

On that front, the official Attack on Titan Wiki has revealed the first two episode titles for Season 4, and they tie deeply into the mythos of the story so far and what is to come.

For those who don’t recall, the denizens of Paradis learn that just outside the walls of their land is a giant ocean, and beyond that ocean are lands that the Survey Corps and beyond didn’t know about. Those lands, or in this case one particular land, is going to play a major role in what’s coming. Hence the episode 60 title. Those who know the manga know that many a battle is coming for Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps and things most definitely aren’t going to be the same again after all is said and done.

It’ll be very curious to see how Attack On Titan Season 4 is going to be received when it’s both translated and dubbed in the West. The first season or two was one of the most-watched things in anime ever, but the delays in production led to a cooling of the love for it by the time Season 3 came around. But with Season 4 being the last season things could swing back up in its favor to send the show off in style.