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First Details On Adventure Time: Obsidian


There are four Adventure Time: Distant Lands tales coming our way. The first, BMO, appeared on HBO Max last month, which means we should be hearing about the second any minute now. It didn’t take long.

The Adventure Time virtual panel at ComicCon@Home was devoted to Obsidian, the upcoming special focused on Marceline. Unlike Infinity Train, we didn’t get a trailer today, but we did get a lot of new info about the special and the first official art:

Though catching up with BMO was nice, fans were most curious about what Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were up to these days. The final episode of the series had them confirm their relationship with a kiss, and though that’s more than Korra and Asami ever got (on television), it meant Bubbline’s story was ending just as it truly began.

Executive producer Adam Muto says the special will not only reveal the highs and lows of Marceline and Bubblegum’s new relationship, but the events that led up to it. He’s not ready to reveal what the title here means, but hints that “spiritually, obsidian can be protective and absorb negativity, but it can also be weaponized as an actual material. [The special] kinda has those elements to it. Not a perfect metaphor, but a metaphor.ā€¯

We’ll also meet some new characters in Obsidian, like Glassboy, shown to the right holding a musical instrument. “Glassboy is a young bookworm living in the pristine Glass Kingdom,” reads the official description provided by HBO Max. “Taunted by his fellow Glass People for the sizable crack in his head, he seeks a remedy to his condition and ends up accidentally waking an ancient enemy. To save the day, Glassboy seeks out the hero who once defeated the monster, the legendary Marceline the Vampire Queen.”

Watch the Adventure Time: Obsidian panel for more revelations (including a new song performed by Marceline’s VA Olivia Olson). The special will appear sometime this fall on HBO Max.