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First 1TB Playstation 4 Revealed, With A Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Theme

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It seems like it took ages, but here it finally is. We have known since June that Sony plans to release a 1TB version of their Playstation 4 console. That was when they announced a European model with that hard drive capacity would be sold, but they kept mum on when we would get the same. Now it appears the delay was in order to tie the new model into the release of a new game. The console was announced today and it’s more colorful than expected.

As you might have heard, Sony wrested the rights to first-dibs on Call of Duty DLC and expansions away from Microsoft earlier in the year. This will be the first release that favors the Playstation, and Sony now wants to call attention to Call of Duty like never before. Hence, this new 1TB PS4, with orange striping not unlike the box art for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It contains double the storage space of the current 500GB model.

The choice may be moot to some gamers, seeing as the PS4’s hard drive is the swappable kind. Some people have 1TB hard drives in their PS4s already and others have HDDs of a far greater capacity. If you’re the type who would rather upgrade later, a 500GB PS4 may be fine for you. But if you plan to get a PS4 and Black Ops 3 on the same day, and you also don’t mind this color scheme, the retail price of $449.99 undercuts buying a 500GB model and a separate game by ten dollars.

The new PS4 model will be released in America on November 6, the same day Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 comes out.