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Fire Force Creator Hints That Series Is Nearing End

Fire Force

One of the things that separates anime from various other animated media is that while they do have a lot of tropes they like to play in (for better and for worse), they also aren’t afraid to do either atypical settings or have atypical storylines to set themselves apart. A great example of this is the manga and anime known as Fire Force. This is set in a steampunk Tokyo where Spontaneous Human Combustion exists, and a dedicated group of helpers (of which the anime is named after) are the ones who are trying to stop this.

So it’s basically anime firefighting but with a  few twists involved. Including a main character who can run as fast as a rocket, but we’ll leave the rest for you to watch. The point is, this isn’t your typical anime, and yet, both in its manga and anime, Fire Force has been a hit. For the latter, fans are hoping for a third season of the anime to be announced soon.

As for the manga, that’s where things get interesting. Because if the latest words from creator Atsushi Ohkubo are to be believed, the manga might be nearing its end. A fan site got word from Ohkubo stating that if “all works out” he only has a few chapters left to draw. Granted, you can interpret that a few different ways, but at the very least, they clearly see the end in sight for the manga. Which will be sad, but it also means that the story will be completed soon enough, and fans will no doubt be eager to see how everything ends.

And that’s the thing that needs to be remembered here. While many shows we want to continue on for a long time, some are better in shorter amounts, and this might just be one of those mangas/animes that falls into that category.