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Fire Emblem Warriors Director Talks Character Selection For Shadow Dragon DLC

Fire Emblem Warriors

Why were certain characters chosen for the Shadow Dragon DLC in Fire Emblem Warriors? Were there other considerations?

Fire Emblem Warriors was one of the bigger surprises for the Nintendo Switch in its first year. The hack-n-slash title took characters from many titles in the Fire Emblem universe and gave them the ability to destroy whole armies. But, the game also grew through its DLC, the second pack of which recently came out featuring characters from the first game in the franchise, Shadow Dragon.

In an interview with Nintendo Dream, director Hiroya Usuda revealed why Navarre, Minerva, and Linde were selected as DLC characters.

Navarre already appeared as an NPC, so there’s no reason to not make him playable.

For the next one, the names of the three Pegasus sisters [Whitewings] were also mentioned, but we already have a lot of Pegasus Knights here, so we went with their leader Minerva. And we also had another reason to add an Axe character to balance the weapon types. We added Minerva because she’s coming from Shadow Dragon, wields an Axe, and we can also add a Wyvern Rider by including her.

And for the third one we thought of a magic tome user, and we also talked about Nyna as a curveball. But we picked Linde since we can reproduce magic spells from the original games like the Aura. We also had Jagen, Draug, Gordin, Merric, Abel, and Cain as other candidates, but when we think of weapon balance, we couldn’t pick just one from them, so we ended up omitting the Altean characters.

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