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Fire Emblem Warriors Dev Team Talk DLC Packs

Fire Emblem Warriors

What does the dev team think about the Fire Emblem Warriors DLC? What were their motivating factors for it?

Fire Emblem Warriors was one of the bigger surprises in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. Yet, Omega Force worked hard to ensure that the special aspects of Fire Emblem were blended into the hack-n-slash style of Dynasty Warriors. One of the ways they aimed to boost the game even more was through DLC packs, the first two of which have already released. In an interview with Nintendo Dream, producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Hiroya Usuda talked about why fans should get the DLC, as well as the plans behind future DLC for the game:

Hayashi: Thankfully [this game] has been received well, and I think we could answer character-related requests with the DLC. Although we have already decided on the future appearing characters, this lineup should live up to everyone’s expectations, so please kindly look forward to them. Our topic for future DLC is to add new features and broaden the gameplay breadth, so look forward to them!

Usuda: By adding various kinds of features, characters, and skills, the strategy breadth has also broadened, so please kindly buy them and try out many kinds of strategies. We are going to add as many things as we can in update patches, so please kindly send your requests to us.

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