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Fire Emblem Engage Announced With January Release Date

Fire Emblem Engage

There was a lot of news at today’s Nintendo Direct, including major new additions to the massive IP roster for the Big N. But they kicked off the Direct with arguably one of the biggest pieces of news via Fire Emblem Engage. This will not only be the next mainline title for the Fire Emblem franchise, but it’s coming in January of next year! meaning that 2023 is going to start off big for Nintendo Switch owners and it’s not going to slow down as the year goes on.

But of course, the question then becomes, what will Fire Emblem Engage be about? It’s set in an all-new realm where a war against the mighty Fell Dragon was waged, while the beast was defeated, the chains that bound it to its prison have weakened. To combat the threat once again, a long-sleeping dragon (your main character) is awakened to try and stop them. But they won’t have to do it alone of course, you’ll get a new set of heroes to play alongside. Yet that in and of itself doesn’t reveal the true twist of the game.

During the course of the story, you’ll get access to certain rings that will allow you to summon the power and spirit of past Fire Emblem characters. The main character for example is seen fusing with Marth, and two others use Sigurd and Celica to help them in battle. It’s heavily implied that many more of these past characters will show up via these rings, and thus create a lot of cool combinations and strategies for you to use as you wield their power.

The title also looks very pretty, with a nice art style that the Nintendo Switch can clearly render very well. The game will arrive on January 20th, so get ready for it as more information comes out.