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Firaxis Outlines England In Civilization VI Update


In an attempt to no doubt show just how much more unique the nations of the world will be in Civilization VI, Firaxis has begun doing posts about the countries people can choose from in the game. A post on the Civilization website focuses on England first, which brings back Queen Elizabeth as its head.

Not only that though, the post highlighted many of the unique places and units that players will be able to use and control in Civilization VI. For example, in the new districts gameplay, you will be able to build the Royal Navy Dockyard, a place very steeped in English history.

Then, for special units, you’ll get the Redcoat footsolider, and the Sea Dog ship. Both of which are made to look exactly like their historical counterparts. You can view the reveal of England via the video below.

Civilization VI arrives on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 21st.