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Firaxis Changing Fog Of War For Civ VI


Part of the “realism” in certain strategy RPG’s is that you can’t see the whole map. This is called the “Fog of War” and makes you take exploration both more seriously, and more carefully. This is especially true in Civilization, as you can only see areas you’ve explored, with the rest being blacked out. Now, with Civ VI, that’s going to change a bit.

“The big difference in our Fog of War from Civ 5 is that Civ 5 had the clouds. Now we’re treating the totally unexplored areas as a blank parchment with longitude and latitude lines on it,” says Brian Busatti to IGN. “But as you explore that you start to open things up. The mid-fog, instead of being a darker version of the visible terrain, is now drawn in a map style. So we have shaders on it that simulate a pen-and-ink cross-hatch style map. It’s really cool and I’m excited to show that off. And in the empty spaces we have hand-drawn ships and sort of ‘here be dragons’ kind of stuff.”

Civilization VI comes out October 21st.