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Fionna And Cake Renewed For Second Season

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Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake premiered its entire first season two episodes at a time on Max last September. It took a while to get any confirmation on whether there would be more, but WB issued out the news late last evening: we still haven’t seen the last of Ooo (as well as the place Fionna and Cake live).

The news comes as a bit of a surprise to us, as there was no indication this was anything but a miniseries. The first season of Fionna and Cake told a complete story and can stand alone on its own; most of the questions the premise brought up were answered, most notably the question of how Fionna and Cake could exist if they were only inside Simon’s head (turns out the answer was rather literal).

“As proud stewards of the beloved Adventure Time brand, we have been delighted to dig deeper into the world through the FIONNA AND CAKE lens,” says Suzanna Makkos, EVP at Max and Adult Swim. “We look forward to following them on the next chapter of their journey!” Adam Muto, showrunner and executive producer, adds “To know that the show will continue into a second season feels both wonderful and frankly surreal. Thanks to Adventure Time’s creator Pendleton Ward, the team at Max, the talented cast & crew, and the passionate audience who made this possible.”

While most were expecting simply more Adventure Time, like the previous Max original Distant Lands provided, Fionna and Cake established its own reason for existence by being the first AT cartoon targeted at adults. It carried a TV-14 rating which allowed for mild swearing and actual blood to ooze from monsters. The show did not instantly become horribly profane, but simply what Ooo would be like with the Cartoon Network censor leash off.

Since we don’t know if this renewal came months ago or was just made now, we have no idea how long a wait it will be for Fionna and Cake Season 2. If production completely shut down within that time, the wait will be longer.