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Finally, An Update On Adult Swim’s Uzumaki Adaption


It was 2019 when we first heard about Adult Swim’s plans to partner up with Production IG to adapt Junji Ito’s horror manga Uzumaki into a four-part miniseries. Back then, the assumption was that the whole production would be done in a year. Of course, 2020 turned out to be far different from 2021 and the studio was hit with delays…but now, finally, they believe they’re ready to pin a release date on this thing. It’s over a year from now, but it’s something.

Hiroshi Nagahama, director of Uzumaki, made a personal appearance in a new video released this afternoon to apologize for the delay. As he explained, COVID hit the production of this anime especially hard and the entire process had to be restructured. Nagahama says they should be able to get Uzumaki done by October 2022, and to prove it, he showed the first few seconds of the anime in completed form.

“CUT!” he then shouted, as the cameraman continued a weird fixation with his shirt zipper.

Nagahama swore that more scenes had been completed than just this one, but he could not show any of the others without revealing spoilers. He also said this anime is requiring twice as much staff to produce as a typical IG Production does.

Junji Ito’s Uzumaki was first released in 1998. In basic terms, the story is about a town whose citizens fall into madness, represented by a growing fascination with spirals….they start seeing them on the walls, in the sky, on their palms. The word Uzumaki translates to “Spiral,” and yes, that is the reason why it’s also Naruto’s last name.

Adaptions of Ito’s work haven’t always turned out well — an Uzumaki live-action film exists, but no one was pleased with it. Adult Swim and Production IG are taking the time to get this one right, though…we assume and hope. Uzumaki should appear on Toonami in the fall of 2022.