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Final Fantasy XV PC Gets Mod Organizer

Final Fantasy XV

Can I edit the actual game world of Final Fantasy XV with mods? You know, like change the appearances of the characters?

Final Fantasy XV was already a big title when it came out on Xbox One and PS4, but when the Windows Edition arrived on PC, it opened up the title to the possibilities of mods. Square Enix has done well to support these mods, and now, they’ve released a mod organizer to help further modding and integrating into the game’s world. Here’s a basic breakdown from a press release:

“The MOD ORGANIZER allows players to convert art assets into mod data and incorporate them into the game world*. By replacing existing models and their textures, players can change the appearances of Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis, as well as the supporting cast, including the likes of Ardyn and Aranea, and the non-playable-characters met throughout their adventure.

Aside from characters’ physical appearances, character outfits and costumes can also be replaced with new designs. Weapons can also be modded, with the freedom to create brand new weapons and set their parameters. To ensure in-game balance, new weapons have a 100-point distribution system to define each weapon’s abilities and performance across parameters such as Attack, Max HP, MP, Vitality and resistance to elemental magic.”