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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa Theme Is Now Available For Free On PS Store

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the biggest games of the year. Its sales matching its hype in many ways. And today, Square Enix decided to reward players for helping make the game a success by offering one of the fan-favorite themes of the game for free on the PlayStation Store. Which one? Tifa’s theme!

Tifa Lockhart has long been a fan-favorite character of the Final Fantasy franchise, and though she’s been seen in full 3D form via Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts, Crisis Core and the Dissidia franchise, the Final Fantasy VII Remake version of the game offered much more of the personality of the bartender and bare-knuckle brawler that fans can’t help but love. What’s more, her theme is one of the calmer and kinder of the game, making it one that you could play when you just want to relax and enjoy some time alone.

As for Final Fantasy VII’s remade title itself, fans still can’t get enough of it, and for good reason. While it may have taken many years to get done via delays and updates and overhauls, the finished product speaks for itself. With well-done voice acting, visuals that boggle the mind and a revamped battle system that feels true to the Final Fantasy roots while also being fresh and new, gamers and critics alike have praised the title.

The only question now is about “Part 2” of the remake. The first part of the game only handled the first hours of the original title, leaving many hours left (across two discs in terms of the original) to deal with. And many players are wondering when it’ll arrive. The Square Enix team have teased that they’ll come out faster this time around, but will it be that easy? Only time will answer that.