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Final Fantasy IX Is Getting An Animated Series

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Square Enix has been catering to its fans with a bullhorn lately, rehashing Final Fantasy’s most popular characters in remakes and reimaginings like FF7R and the newly announced Stranger Of Chaos Final Chaos Fantasy Chaos. But as you look at this lineup, you might notice something: pretty much everything they’ve been putting out lately involves characters that were introduced twenty to thirty years ago. And when it’s not that, it’s characters from a pre-packaged license like Marvel. There are moments from the last ten years when Square has TRIED to introduce new characters, but they’ve never caught on, or they’ve been Balan Wonderworld.

If you want my opinion, part of the problem is that most of the new characters have been bland and forgettable, with basic human-shaped designs and generic (and often incoherent) plot motivators. They’ve never nailed it as hard as they did with Final Fantasy IX in 2000, which contained a lineup of instantly likeable and interesting characters in a variety of diverse and creative shapes.

Square said at the time that Final Fantasy IX was a “retro throwback” and a “tribute to the past” and that Final Fantasy X was their template for the future. And they apparently meant it. Yet Final Fantasy IX retains a large fanbase to this day, and no one can name all the characters in Final Fantasy XV without going to Google. People would love to see the cast of this game again in something.

Finally, there’s a something. French animators Cyber Group Studios has announced a deal with Square to produce a Final Fantasy IX animated series. The project is in its early stages at this point and they have yet to make deals with broadcasters around the world, but the contract with Square has been signed and the show is moving forward.

“The games have a strong co-viewing potential. For those who do know Final Fantasy IX , this will be an [introduction],” says Pierre Sissmann, CEO of Cyber Group Studios. “And for the many who don’t, this will immerse them in a universe they’ll love.”

There’s no word at this time how many episodes the first season will have, what type of animation it will use, or how it will adapt the story of the game. Like we said, it’s early — but it’s too awesome a news bite to ignore. Cyber Group plans to begin producing the Final Fantasy IX animated series by late 2021 or early 2022.