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Final Fantasy 15 Crosses Over With Assassin’s Creed Next Week


Why does that hooded guy running around Lestallum look a lot like Prince Noctis? And why is he climbing that wall? Wait…what’s he doing with that big knife?

Worlds will collide when Final Fantasy 15 introduces the Assassin’s Festival, a DLC event that incorporates elements from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series into Square’s Final Fantasy world. The town of Lestallum will be enshrouded in AC-themed decorations, minigames inspired by the series will be playable, and there will even be an assassin’s hoodie for Prince Noctis as well as the option to “explore more like an Assassin and even use some of the Assassins’ more well-known abilities.”

As anyone who’s played the game knows, it is not above Final Fantasy 15 to pull stunts like this. An entire quest revolved around glorifying Cup O’Noodle for one. It’s an interesting twist, however, to see one game series promoting another one, from two separate companies. Unlike the third-party fighters in Smash Bros and the company crossovers in Marvel vs. Capcom, this was undoubtedly a commercially-driven, paid appearance. But Square’s OK with it.

The Assassin’s Festival DLC will be released globally on August 31.