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Fena: Pirate Princess Premieres On Toonami August 14

fena: pirate princess

At last, we have a solid release date for the first* of what will be many original anime co-produced by Adult Swim themselves for the Toonami block. Fena: Pirate Princess has been targeted for a premiere two weeks from now, the night of August 14.

The titular character, Fena Houtman, is described as a “positive, cheerful orphan…known for her pale skin and glowing silver hair.” She was raised as a servant in a brothel, but when she escapes to an island of pirates, she starts discovering secrets about her true origin she never knew. Now she finds herself in the unexpected position of captain for a ship full of samurai, including her bodygoard Yukimaru, the warrior Shitan, perky twins Kaede and Enju, their older sister Karin (who “geeks out over technology like her rifle”), and others.

The arrival of Fena and the end of other shows like Dr. Stone has meant a radical shuffling of the Toonami schedule for this whole month. September 7 will be entirely Harley Quinn episodes in a tie-in with HBO Max and WB’s The Suicide Squad. These marathons tend to make their promotional intent extremely obvious with a burned-in “HEY DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN PAY FOR THIS THING WE WANT YOU TO PAY FOR” in the right corner. It would be nice if that irritation wasn’t repeated with this one, but our expectations are low. Anyway, Harley Quinn is a good show.

September 14 will kick off with two premiere episodes of Fena followed by the schedule as normal, only time-shfited by one half-hour and Food Wars missing. The following week, September 21, Food Wars will return with a new season in its old slot.

Fena: Pirate Princess is based on an original story by Kazuto Nakazawa, who is also serving as director of the anime. Asako Kuboyama wrote the screenplay and Yuki Kajiura is making the music score through FlyingDog. Production IG is handling the animation. The series premieres August 14 on Toonami and can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

*Yes, Toonami has had originals previously like IGPX and the two FLCL follow-ups, but Fena is the first of a new initiative that promises a steady stream of originals for the next few years. According to DeMarco, at least six are in production.