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Fate Of Pacific Rim 2 Currently In Limbo

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Are you ready for more giant robot vs. monster battlin’ action? I hope not….Pacific Rim 2 has hit a major snag. Director Guillermo del Toro said recently that he turned in his script and budget for the sequel, but the studio, Legendary Pictures, appears to have changed their minds. Originally penciled in for an August 4, 2017 release, Pacific Rim 2 has now been removed from Legendary’s release schedule. Normally when that happens it means a project is as good as dead.

In this circumstance, however, it’s not the end. Legendary will be purchased soon by Wanda, a Chinese company. Though Pacific Rim didn’t set box office records here, it was a massive hit in China, and made back its budget through sales in that country alone. If Wanda is looking for a hit to make its new purchase worth the money, Pacific Rim 2 would be a no-brainer.

As for Del Toro, who hasn’t been able to catch a break recently, he is for the time being working on getting a remake made of the 1966 classic Fantastic Voyage — until, we expect, his Cancellation Curse works its mojo again and he’s let go from that one too.

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