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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore Hits Blu-ray This October

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

Aniplex of America has announced the street date for a US release of the Fate/EXTRA Last Encore Complete Blu-ray Box Set. The set contains all 13 episodes of the series, based on the video game, in which a war takes place on the moon for possession of a device that grants wishes. Both English and Japanese audio are included.

It was the forgotten EXTRA.

This is a story of EXTRA that will unfold on a forgotten moon.

The Mooncell Automaton, a spiritron computer that exists on the moon, grants any and all wishes.

A virtual spiritron world created within the Mooncell is SE.RA.PH. With the “Holy Grail” on the line,

Mages and Servants must now wage a brand new Holy Grail War of the Moon.

There is more in the box than just the anime…bonuses on the disc include a collection of promotional videos and commercials as well as a textless version of the opening and ending. In the box itself you’ll find a deluxe booklet featuring an exclusive interview with TYPE-MOON’s Kinoko Nasu, who handled the series composition in addition to creating the original story, along with an interview with director Akiyuki Shimbou, plus numerous pages of character materials.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore’s English dub stars Cassandra Morris (Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and Billy Kametz (Cells at Work!, Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU) under the English ADR direction of Fate series veteran Tony Oliver. The set arrives at retailers everywhere October 22.