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Farm And Defend Your Atomicrops


Farm and defend your post-nuclear crops – and maybe marry yourself off along the way – with the launch of “Atomicrops” for Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


It is the typical post-apocalyptic world you see in so many games but this time, instead of killing everything in sight first – there will be plenty of time for that later – you have to get to mowing, hoeing and planting that back forty so you can grow your post-nuclear crops to feed the farm. Maybe you can marry yourself off to a bunny rabbit along the way and then you can both get to killing the many mutants that will be arriving to try and raid your farm for your post-apocalyptic buffet.


The story line – such as it is – has you inheriting your poor dead uncle’s farm just as the aforementioned nuclear apocalypse arrives. Unfortunately, in addition to now being dead, your poor uncle was also somewhat of a lazy person and no crops have been planted so you must do all the planting yourself.


Plant your crops carefully and make sure to keep them fertilized and watered. Explore the surrounding areas to find items, seeds, and farm animals to help your fields grow. If you find yourself getting lonely and you are so inclined – get married! – and then you and your partner can tend your farm or exterminate mutated vermin and pests each night who are trying devour your valuable Atomicrops!