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  • "Rose's Room" Promo

    An image promo for "Rose's Room."

    Tags: Steven Universe, Rose's Room, image, screencap, promo

    576 days ago

  • "Giant Woman" Promo

    Promo image for "Giant Woman."

    Tags: Steven Universe, Giant Woman, Amethyst, Pearl, image, screencap, promo

    601 days ago

  • "So Many Birthdays" Promo

    Image promo for "So Many Birthdays."

    Tags: Steven Universe, So Many Birthdays, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, image, screencap, promo

    597 days ago

  • "Lars and the Cool Kids" Promo

    Promo for the episode "Lars and the Cool Kids."

    Tags: Steven Universe, Lars and the Cool Kids, Lars, image, promo

    594 days ago

  • "Onion Trade" Promo

    Promo image for "Onion Trade."

    Tags: Steven Universe, Onion Trade, Onion, image, screencap, promo

    589 days ago

  • "Steven the Sword Fighter" Promo

    Promo Image for "Steven the Sword Fighter."

    Tags: Steven Universe, Steven the Sword Fighter, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, image, screencap, promo

    588 days ago

  • "Lion 2: The Movie" Promo

    Promo image for "Lion 2: The Movie."

    Tags: Steven Universe, Lion 2: The Movie, Connie, Lion, image, screencap, promo

    583 days ago

  • "Coach Steven" Promo

    Promo image for "Coach Steven."

    Tags: Steven Universe, Coach Steven, Pearl, Sugilite, Greg Universe, Lars, Sadie, image, screencap, promo

    569 days ago

  • Steven Universe - "Joking Victim" Promo

    Promo image for "Joking Victim."

    Tags: Steven Universe, Joking Victim, Lars, Sadie, screencap, image, promo

    566 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 21 "Joking Victim"

    Ep. #21ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Aug. 28th, 2014SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: A jealous Sadie decides to prank Lars with Steven when he's burned her one too many times. Amethyst offers Steven some "special fries", having coated it with fire salt beforehand so she could prank him. The heat is too much for Steven,...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Joking Victim, Lars, Sadie, Amethyst, screencap, image, promo

    389 days ago

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