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  • Batgirl and more get spotlight at NYCC

    Though DC Comics still has a dark side, many of the newer comics have a funner, lighter side, that fans are enjoying. From Batgir...y, each offer something new and different than the "standard" DC Comics fare. This titles got a panel...

    1102 days ago

  • Milestone Universe Returns to DC Comics

    Milestone characters have long been a part of the DC Comics universe, some, like Static Sh...en limited. At SDCC today, DC Comics announced that three of it', and Icon will return to DC Comics via a "return home" to the "D...l Milestone, the new Milestone comics will likely feature both DC a...

    1193 days ago

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    Rick and Morty

    Rick and Morty

    Wel...(belch)...come to the Rick and Morty fansite page. Bring out your portal guns, take a trip through an alternate dimension or two, and pack your Meeseeks, it's Rick and Morty time! Rick and Morty all the time! Rick and Morty...

    984 days ago

    KaBlam! Korner

    KaBlam! Korner

    Ah yes, KaBlam. Where cartoons and comics it's time to turn the pages. Here are your hosts, Henry and June! KaBlam! was a show that lasted from 1996 to 2000 on Nickelodeo...

    1007 days ago

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