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  • "Serious Steven" - Screencap 3

    Mr. Smiley is just a tad upset that Steven accidentally broke one of his rides. 

    Tags: Steven Universe, Serious Steven, Mr. Smiley, image, screencap

    642 days ago

  • Steven Universe - Episode 11 "Arcade Mania"

    Ep. #11ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Feb. 17th, 2014SONG: NoSYNOPSIS: Steven takes the Crystal Gems to the local arcade; hilarity ensues.   Steven Universe has shown the Crystal Gems interacting with humans a couple of times in the past, but they've largely been hands-off. For every scene of the Cr...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Arcade Mania, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Mr. Smiley, episode, recap, synopsis, episode recap, episode synopsis

    290 days ago

  • Harold Smiley

    STATUS: Secondary Character FIRST APPEARANCE: "Laser Light Cannon" VOICE ACTOR: Sinbad (Season One), Colton Dunn (Season Two – Present)   Harold Smiley is a man of many talents: entertainer, entrepreneur, and carrier of infinite patience for Steven and the Crystal Gems. Owner of th...

    Tags: Steven Universe, Harold Smiley, Mr. Smiley, character, bio, profile, character bio, character profile

    290 days ago

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