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  • Steven Universe - Gem Culture: Fusion

    Fusion is a standard biological component of the Gems. Whether they plan it out in advance or achieve it spontaneously, Fusion can be activated when two or more Gems are in sync. When melded, the Gems' minds become one and the resulting Fusion Gem carries their memories and traits while simultane...

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    286 days ago

  • Sugilite

    STATUS: Secondary Character FIRST APPEARANCE: "Coach Steven" VOICE ACTOR: Nicki Minaj   Sugilite is a cautionary tale. The fusion of Garnet and Amethyst, she is a towering twenty-foot giant of angry proportion. Sugilite carries Garnet's pride and confidence and Amethyst's devil-may-care ...

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    248 days ago

  • Opal

    STATUS: Secondary Character FIRST APPEARANCE: “Giant Woman” VOICE ACTOR: Aimee Mann   When Steven gets wind of Gem Fusion, all he wanted to do was see Amethyst and Pearl turn into a giant woman. This was easier said than done because those two barely share anything in common!...

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    272 days ago

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