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  • How I Got Into Fire Emblem Part 2

    It was a very simple trailer, but a very effective one. It depicted a young man (who would later become my favorite video game character) racing to find his father fighting a knight in pure black armor. The fight was intense, and though skilled, the father would eventually lose. Again, a very si...

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    1234 days ago

    Fire Emblem

    Fire Emblem

    This is a fan site made for any who love Fire Emblem. I am a die hard fan, and it is my favorite Nintendo franchise, bar none. I'd be honored to talk with you about the franchise, from the original games, to the US versions, and of course the upcoming Fire Emblem: Fates!

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    1236 days ago

  • How I Got Into Fire Emblem Part 3

    You'd think playing a game that I would consider one of the best I ever played would leave me with a content feeling. But it just lit a fire in me like nothing I've ever had before. The moment I was done with Path of Radiance, i wanted to play more Fire Emblem. And not just Path of Radiance mult...

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    1232 days ago

  • Ike is a Boss

    Everyone has their favorite characters, and many times its for incredible simple reasons. They make you smile, you "think they look hot", or they do something totally epic that totally bogles your mind. For me, my favorite video game character is Ike, from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. And thou...

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    1229 days ago

  • Sword And Sorcery

    One thing I really love about Fire Emblem is that though there is a strong simplistic quality to it, it's rather complex in its battle system. And by that I mean how they use swords, sorcery and transformation in order to change things up. Swords, lances, axes, bows, numerous elements of magic, ...

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    1226 days ago

  • Swords and Sorcery 2

    Before, I talked about how Fire Emblem made a simple battle system complex by having many different weapons, but melee and magical. But really, that was just the start of it all. Part of the beautiful complexity of Fire Emblem is that each weapon has a strength and weakness in regards to other w...

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    1224 days ago

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