Steven Universe - Episode 70 "Catch and Release"

Steven Universe - Episode 70 "Catch and Release"

Ep. #70
Sept. 24th, 2015
SYNOPSIS: The Crystal Gems finally capture Peridot!



Steven washes up for the night, but he barely catches a wink before Peridot kidnaps him! She drags him to the Galaxy Warp Hub and threatens him to fix the warp pads so she can go home. With no response from Yellow Diamond or spaceships to get out of Earth, Peridot is at her most desperate. Steven tries, but he still hasn't recovered his healing abilities. Peridot is aghast; that was her last hope, now she's stuck on a planet with a time limit.


Before Steven can get her to elaborate, the Crystal Gems arrive and finally take her down mid-sentence, reverting Peridot to her dormant Gem State. Steven thinks Peridot had something important to say, but Garnet waves it off as the ramblings of a defenseless Gem. She bubbles Peridot, teleporting her back to the main temple.


Clutching Peridot's boot, Steven ponders her words. Being the empathetic boy that he is, Steven quickly deduces that Peridot is scared of something and he vows to find out what. His Gem glows, opening the temple doorway. He ends up in Rose's room, but while it does a good job conjuring up a Peridot for him, it still doesn't give him the answers since the creation is from his perception. Steven asks the temple to take him to the basement where all the dormant Gems lie.


Once he reaches his destination, Steven unbubbles Peridot. She instantly transforms into her physical state, finishing her sentence with another mentioning of the term “"Cluster."” Steven discovers something else though: Peridot is nearly as short as him. Her limbs were mechanically-enchanced gloves and boots that she used for work. Without them, she's just an "angry little slice of pie." She's also harmless, meekly slapping Steven in defense. Previous episodes have shown Peridot as the first major threat of the Homeworld Gems: she was a mysterious and analytical person with technology far superior to whatever rot-infested Gem tech Earth had. At her best, she was a knowledgeable and easily irritated Gem who did not suffer fools greatly. At her worst, she was a sneaky little weasel who still managed to outrun the Crystal Gems countless times. Here? Without her tools, Peridot shows her true colors as an awkward, cowardly Gem whose bark is worse than her bite. In other words, she's endearingly adorable.


Peridot keeps slapping Steven until he tells her that she's free because of him. He wants to know about the Cluster. Peridot informs him the Cluster is something that resides in Earth. She doesn't describe what it looks like, but it's about to hatch soon and take the whole world with it. Peridot's mission was to check up on the Cluster's progress, but when Steven tries to eggs her for more details, she uses it to distract him. Peridot runs off and nearly makes it out of the house, but the Crystal Gems just so happened to be in the kitchen. They block all the available exits, forcing Peridot into the bathroom. She tries to escape via the toilet, but Amethyst informs her it isn't going to work. She knows, she tried.


Steven confesses to the Crystal Gems that it was he who unbubbled Peridot, but only because she has information about the Cluster. Garnet is about to knock the exposition out of her, but recognizes a gentler approach might get better results. She's willing to talk to Peridot, but the latter wants nothing to do with them. The Crystal Gems conclude that Peridot's current state is more valuable to them instead of reverting her back to her Gem Form. This means the bathroom will be her temporary living space, which is bad for Steven since he needs it for basic human requirements! Also, bonus points for the writing on Steven's mug - it spelled his name wrong! The idea of someone getting him a novelty cup with a different variation on “"Steven"” is a hilariously charming little touch.


By the next morning, Steven offers a compromise to Peridot in exchange for using the bathroom - the only Limb Enhancer the Crystal Gems possess (the rest were chucked into the ocean by Amethyst earlier in the episode.) Peridot accepts and lets him in. She watches Steven as he cleans up, fascinated with this strange activity. Steven calms Peridot down, assuring her that he won't attack. He wants to stop the Cluster and knows working with her is the best solution. Peridot still keeps her guard, but appreciates Steven's non-violence. Maybe they can work something out after all.

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