Harold Smiley

Harold Smiley

STATUS: Secondary Character

FIRST APPEARANCE: "Laser Light Cannon"

VOICE ACTOR: Sinbad (Season One), Colton Dunn (Season Two – Present)


Harold Smiley is a man of many talents: entertainer, entrepreneur, and carrier of infinite patience for Steven and the Crystal Gems. Owner of the Beach City Funland Amusement Park, Harold Smiley is a charismatic and positive man. The latter has been a lifesaver for him since he often has to deal with the stress of maintaining an entire park and the constant destruction it falls prey to on a daily basis from the Crystal Gems. Since the Gems are beyond human reasoning, the barely restrained Smiley often forces Steven to work so he can pay for the damage or temporarily ban him from the premises.


Harold Smiley's past would make Jamie jealous as he used to be an actor and R&B singer (amusingly, Steven found out when he watched an Old Big Donut training video starring a younger Smiley.) He's also an emcee for a variety of Beach City's festivals and events and even had a stint as a comedian with his partner Quentin Frowney. They had a duo routine where Quentin joked about his pessimism while Smiley countered with positivity. Unfortunately their shtick hit a snag and they retired their act. The two separated from each other's lives until Quentin unexpectedly returned years later. He confessed to Smiley that he had been depressed and wished his partner had taken him seriously. Smiley regretted his behavior and the two patched up. It always ends in smiles for Harold Smiley.

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