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Fans Go Nuts With Deadpool Movie Posters


What you see above is an actual, real promotional image for the Deadpool movie (arriving February 12). While it no doubt reflects the tender seriousness that the approaching flick will deliver, it’s also inspired the Merc’s fanbase to come up with some of their own movie poster parodies.


To the right is the poster for the infamous, terribly-received Green Lantern movie. To the right is the Deadpool version, which I wish was real. This one comes from Deviantartist m7781.


This was the poster for Ant-Man; now it’s the poster for Deadpool. Who knows how he got so small, but Iron Man doesn’t look happy. This was crafted by lesajt.


This is an old poster that’s been revised with a better slogan. It comes from Jo7a.


I could have been fooled into thinking this one was real. Created by CAMW1N.


This is a Deadpooled version of the Django Unchained poster, which was inspired by creator Rob Liefeld comparing the upcoming flick to a Tarantino movie. Photoshopped by Ultroxmga.


And this was made back in 2009, way before a Deadpool movie was ever even a possibility. Creator DeadpoolFool made a series of hypothetical Merc movie posters.


There’s nothing I can add to this.