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Fan Makes Animated Version of The Batman Teaser Trailer

The Batman

There’s been a lot of shuffling going on in the entertainment industry due to the global pandemic. And one of the biggest casualties on the DC Comics side of things was that of The Batman. This next mainline story in the DCEU (one that is outside of the DCEU for the record) was supposed to arrive in 2021, and was even teased for it multiple times, including at DC Fandome last August. But, as the pandemic grew worse and filming had to keep being held up, it was pushed back to 2022, leaving many fans sad.

However, filming has officially wrapped on The Batman and so it won’t be delayed again barring studio intervention. And as such, fans are doing what they can to go and help ease the pain by showing off variations of the teaser trailer that was released at DC Fandome. With one fan going above and beyond to make an animated version of the trailer. You can watch it below!

As you can see, a lot of time and effort went into recreating the trailer in animated form and it absolutely succeeds and should be praised.

As for the film itself, it’s aiming to be a different kind of Batman film from the many others that have come before. Director Matt Reeves is aiming to tell more of a “detective story” for Batman and feature him in the early years of his crimefighting career without retelling the origin that we all know.

This is going to be a more raw and experimental Batman apparently, one who is trying to figure out just how to do certain things in order to get justice. Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame is donning the cowl this go around and many are curious to see just how he’ll perform when the film debuts in 2022.