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Fallout 76 Introduces New Characters Via Update

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 hasn’t had the smoothest ride in the eyes of fans. The game has been hard-pressed to deal with various issues and bugs, as well as to keep the game fun to play in the long haul. To their credit, Bethesda has been updating the game and bringing more and more content to the fold.

In their latest “Inside The Vault” post, they talked a lot about the various characters that you are going to meet in the new Wastelanders update. Spotlighting two that they feel you’ll want to get to know.

Duchess is the stalwart owner and proprietor of The Wayward, which she built and brought into Appalachia in hopes of providing an inviting atmosphere and stiff drinks to anyone seeking a place to recharge—for a fee, of course. Recently, she’s had a string of visitors stop in, asking some very pointed questions and acting aggressively. While she and Mort are more than capable of handling a few troublesome patrons, they wouldn’t refuse a bit of help finding out who these people are and what they’re after.

As The Wayward’s most loyal regular, Mort spends quite a bit of time there, running up his bar tab and lending a hand to Duchess when needed. Mort’s also got a knack for exploring. He has traversed a large swath of the Forest and has managed to figure out how C.A.M.P.s work. If you ever need a bit of insight into the surrounding area or a refresher on C.A.M.P.s, Mort’s your Ghoul.

They go on to tease who else you might see:

Duchess and Mort are just two of the many people and characters you’ll meet during your travels after we’ve released Wastelanders. One of our main goals with this update isn’t just to add NPCs to push your story forward, but to help Appalachia feel much more alive now that people are making their way back into the area. You will not only encounter new faces during the main story, but throughout the game in new encounters, in combat, encampments, and even as they go about their daily lives. We believe Appalachia will feel much livelier when Wastelanders launches next year, and we can’t wait to see what you think.